a look back at year 2017

Annual PMI Chapter Board Member Transition

Happy New Year! We hope last year was successful and that this year will even better! Now that we are through the Holidays and the celebrations everyone is getting back to work. Part of the new year tasks is the board member transitions. This is always a busy time of year and it is important to manage the transition smoothly. So, we at Proteon would like to offer some helpful hints to make the transition easy.

For the Volunteers Transitioning Out:

  1. If you are an outgoing board member, please remember to reset your password of your email account and give it to the incoming board member. 
  2. If you have any personal emails in your mail account please remember to forward them to your personal email and then delete them.
  3. Please remember to delete any forwards you have setup in your email account.

For the Volunteers Transitioning In:

  1. If you area new board member, please reset your email password as soon as you can for security reasons.
  2. Go to pmichapter.org and create your free account. You will have access to helpful information, our YouTube channel and can schedule meetings with us at your convenience.   

Web Master’s Tasks:

  1. Please be sure to update your website’s contact us page with correct details. Here is how to Change Board of Directors & Contact Us Page.
  2. Please make sure to check the copyright at the footer of your website and submit a ticket to update it if necessary.

Quick Training Links:

  1. How to Use Popup Administrator. 
  2. Proteon Software Official YouTube Channel with 25+ (& counting) tutorial videos.